If when you hear the term “Outlaw Country” you imagine acoustic songs about whiskey and pick-up trucks, think again. Jeremy Nasta is bringing rock into the equation and amping up the dynamics to tell his story in a new way. His music is honest, clear and straight forward while delivering tales of love and angst expressed with catchy melodies and beats. When asked why he believes in keeping the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll alive is so important, Jeremy simply answers that rock ‘n’ roll will never die but it could use an infusion of good stories and country goodness. Jeremy combines swanky honky tonk dance rhythm with rock energy so that he can light up a room of listeners with a sound that is both pleasing and energizing. 

Born in Tucson, Arizona to New Yorker parents, Jeremy grew up listening to music of the ‘60s and ‘70’s but soon found hard rock. His father, a piano teacher, gave him classical training and his mother bought him a drum set. After a stint of jazz and 20th century classical, Jeremy re-connected with the classics and found American country music of which he drew from in his guitar playing and singing. 

There is no doubt that his rambunctious energy cannot be diluted and with his recent release of his solo album UP, he has hit upon a nice blend of rock angst and country charm.

Jeremy found his voice after his most recent group broke up inspiring him to compose, perform and sing the music that he heard in his head, the way he heard it. He wrote and performed all the instruments and songs on his recent album. Jeremy has played on many stages and in various settings from rock to jazz, musicals to dance. With his recent album UP, he has come full circle to delivering music that is clear, honest and uplifting with the result of getting people feeling good and cheering for more.