I began as a drummer, when I was four years old.  My energy was over the top! I was jammin’ to my stereo cranked up to 10 by the time I was in 4th grade. Billy Idol, Men at Work and later, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Slayer were blastin' out of my bedroom everyday after school. At about 13 years old, I started playing guitar and bassand felt a kinship to distortion right away! Rock music was my passion.

     When I graduated H.S., I couldn’t stand the idea of MORE education. English?! Math?! CHEMISTRY!!? NOOOO! I just wanted to join a band and sleep on couches if I had to. But my wise mother picked me up by my ears and placed me into the University of Arizona where I flourished right away. Mainly because I skipped out on my advisor meeting and signed up for only music classes. Whoo-hoo! Besides the fact that my dorm window looked out to the practice room, my dormmate was a sax player with an affinity for white russians. So we formed a band by busking, getting gigs and recruiting players. We became Greasy Chicken, an instrumental quartet that played any gig from weddings to rock shows. We played hundreds of shows over the next three years and we even went to Mexico for a Jazz Festival.

During that same time, I joined up with my best friends from the bass department and we created a rock group with two double basses, violin and a punk female vocalist. Brenda's Never Been. It was a hit. For four years, these groups formed my musical exploration and idea of what it was to be a musician. We were big fishes in a small sea. 

Then I had to get busy in order to graduate and after some breakups and the death of a huge figure in our music community, I entered the practice room for a year and came out with a successful bachelor’s music recital that blew the doors off the place. That’s when I knew two things; 1) It takes a LONG time to create quality music and 2) that’s all I wanted to do.

Meanwhile, I had been obsessively writing lyrics and songs and reading at a record pace to get a good hold of literature. I took extra classes in college to expand my mind and increase my understanding of the themes of life that we all face. When I felt ready, I helped form a funk and rock group with some local talent and we made a 3.5 year run playing everywhere in Tucson, AZ, a few places in LA, Phoenix and Flagstaff as well.  But good things come to an end and after finding myself pretty lost for a few years, I went BACK to school and gained a master’s degree in percussion performance with an emphasis on piano and dance accompaniment. Soon after that, I met my future wife and we moved to New York City. 

     Once in New York, I joined up with a local group and played in many clubs around the village and Lower East Side. Meanwhile, three days a week I was interning at a music production house (Manhattan Producers Alliance) to  become a composer for film and TV. Well, I had bit off more than I could chew. Doubling down, I devoted myself to studying piano, guitar and Logic Pro (recording software). 

After two years of NYC, and working at Marymount Manhattan and LaGuardia Arts HS, my wife and I moved to Los Angeles for 3.5 years where I worked as a session musician and private music instructor continuing towards my dream of becoming a producer. Then we moved to Portland, OR where we bought a house and I started my teaching business allowing myself to focus on writing music solely for myself. Freedom!

After playing in so many bands and professional organizations over the years, I decided to strike out on my own in 2019. It has been enlivening and scary all at once. However, the results are starting to pay off. I self produced and wrote my album and have been working with Cory Gehrich at Sisterly Silence Studios in Portland, OR to bring together a sweet sounding album. It's ready!

All the sayings are true and concerning music, only the most genuine music that you can make is the music that sticks. True to the classics, no fanfare, no pomp, just truth; that is what I strive to produce at all costs.

I played the drums, bass, guitars and sing on the record. I also employed the help of a killer lap and pedal steel player, Paul Brainard, to fill out the Outlaw Country elements. 

So here it is, just a few weeks from the release of the triple EP and I write on my computer while sitting in my 1994 Chevy Horizon Motorhome ready to go on tour. 

My story is unfolding. Please stay UP with me and buy a copy of my album 'UP' and some merchandise!! ‘UP’ is available on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and other major music distributors. 

'UP' features 12 songs that riff on themes of life, love, loss, angst and rebellion.

I look forward to rockin' out with you at a show! SEEK IT OUT!