I began as a drummer, when I was four years old. Ha ha! Well, it’s true. And there are recordings of me when I was five, directing my mom’s friends on how to play the guitar! My energy was over the top! I was jammin’ to my stereo cranked up to 10 by the time I was in 4thgrade, to the likes of Billy Idol, Men at Work and further on down the line to Motley Crue, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer and more.

Now that I am proficient on the rock n roll instruments, I enjoy leading a group or playing bass or drums too. I have played in hundreds of settings from rock to jazz, classics to theater and more. I even have a masters degree in music performance and have been a college and private music instructor.

I released my solo album UP in July 2019 to challenge myself as much as I could and am currently on tour with a rock trio up the west coast (September 2019). Please visit my Events page to learn more.

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And if you see me out and about, come up and say hello. Let’s connect!